Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Thursday, 12/12/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  Here's what we talked about:

HOLIDAY HELPERS: BFF Rosemary and Stefania

Rosemary adores her best friend Stefania.  Stefania is a single mom that is giving up her job to go back to school to pursue being a teacher.  She gives unconditionally and Rosemary wants her to have a great Christmas even though finances are very tight.  We were able to provide a new laptop from PC Richard and Son, new UGGS for mom and boots for her son, and a day at the slopes for her family and the BFF’s! Lift tickets and lessons for their first time snowboarding!



State Representative Christopher Davis- Animal Abuse Registry

Big Jim is obsessed with everything that is furry which is why he insisted that we track down Connecticut State Representative Christopher Davis to talk to us about his effort to get an animal abuse registry created in Connecticut to prevent previous people convicted of animal abuse from adopting more animals.  More about his efforts here and check out our podcast to page to listen to the full interview. 



Big Jim counts down the biggest stories of the day and they are…

1. Fake interpreter at Nelson Mandela memorial? That happened.  More here.

2. Big Jim is outraged that there may be a Sriracha shortage.  Here’s why. 

3.  George Zimmerman won’t face domestic abuse charges. CLick here.




As I predicted, Kanye West is angry about only getting two Grammy nominations and here it is- His official Grammy rant:



Khloe has put on a brave face lately- but apparently it was her husband’s Lamar Odom drunk rap that put her over the edge.  Supposedly Khloe first heard it while she was on a plane- She was photographed getting on the plane with her ring on and had it off when she landed.  Here’s a portion the rap... 

Tis the season for break up rumors- First, Kelly Clarkson.  Now, the poor girl just got married last month, she’s pregnant- dealing with terrible morning sickness and there’s rumors that her new husband Brandon Blackstock is cheating on her-  She went on a Twitter rant and wrote: 

Ellen Degeneres went off on the tabloids yesterday on her show, for making up lies about how her marriage is supposedly falling apart.  

After three years of dating, 55-year-old Madonna has called it quits with her 25-year-old boyfriend Brahim Zaibat.  the singer's rep confirmed.  Of course they say that crazy schedules have caused the break up- but rumors are that he’s already dating someone else.  I don’t think cheating on Madonna is a good idea. More here.  

7:40a Couple's Court: Give Up Medical Career?

On the 7:40a Couple's Court today, Jessica called in because she had promised her fiancee when they were just dating that she would give up her medical career once they were married and had children.  Now that her wedding is coming up, she's starting to get nervous because she wants to keep her job- Even after they have kids.  Don says that may be a deal breaker.  The audience was torn because she was breaking a promise but ultimately decided that she had to follow her dreams and he either had to accept her as a working mom or not marry her.  

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