Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Friday 12/13/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  Here's what happened...

HOLIDAY HELPERS: Losing Home in a Fire

Multiple people nominated a family from Monroe that lost their home in a fire this past week.  The fire devastated and leveled the home leaving their family homeless living out of a hotel in Shelton.  They lost all their prized possessions.  Even though we could never replace their home, we were able to offer them a $300 gift card to Westfield CT Post Mall, gift cards to Big Y and Hawley Lane Shoes, and a new iPad. 



Kate called in to the 7:40a Couple’s Court because her husband didn’t want to buy gifts this Christmas for their nine nieces and nephews.  It wasn’t a matter of money though, he doesn’t want to get the gifts because he says he gets nothing in return.  He thinks it’s a waste to buy them gifts if they get nothing back since they don’t have children yet.  Ultimately the vote went in Kate’s favor and it was decided that presents are for the kids… not for the grown ups.  Spite is not a reason to skip out on gifting.




Surprise! Friday the 13th is proving to be a lucky day for Beyoncé fans, with the unexpected release of a new album. The 32-year-old singer released her self-titled fifth album on iTunes early Friday, with no announcement beforehand.  You can buy it now on iTunes. 



Lea Michele sat down for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday, her first TV interview since Cory Monteith died.  She talked about how she's been doing lately


The Golden Globe Award nominations were announced yesterday.  "12 Years a Slave" and "American Hustle" both got seven nominations.  HIt airs Sunday, January 12th and obviously the only reason to watch that boring show is because Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hosting again.  Everyone’s talking about Oprah getting snubbed for best supporting actress for The Butler- I would love a Kanye West rant…


Today is Taylor Swift’s 24th birthday.  She may not be 22 anymore- but we still love this:



People Having a Worse Week Than You 

1.  A Connecticut woman stopped by her local coffee donut shop in Windham and bit into a croissant and chewed on bits of razor blades.  It sliced up her mouth and she called the police.  They’re saying it may have been part of a box cutter- but the coffee shop did offer her a gift card.  


2. Earlier this week, Michael and Nova Smith went to a McDonald's in Mesa, Arizona for breakfast. They ordered two breakfast meals, which were supposed to come with hash browns and coffee.  Only they say they never got their hash browns, so they went up to the counter and complained.  But the manager didn't give them the hash browns, so Nova THREW her food at the manager.  He called 911 on them, and then Michael called 911 on HIM. 


3.  Last week in Commerce, Georgia, a woman accidentally was glued to she was using the bathroom at a Home Depot.  Apparently someone put glue on all the toilets in the women's restroom, and the woman didn't realize it until she was already stuck.  Emergency medical services personnel were called in to help remove the woman from the toilet.  In an odd twist of events, they think she purposely glued herself to the seat.  Here’s a clip of the EMS trying to remove her:


Interview with Dr. Joe Schippa, Child Psychologist

Dr. Joe joined us to discuss how to talk to your kids about the one-year mark of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  He said that every child is different and their level of understanding varies greatly too.  You can check out the full interview on our Podcast page.