Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Wednesday 12/4/13

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today? Here's what you missed...

7:40a Couple’s Court- Gauges?
Alex called because his girlfriend, Samantha, likes to be adventurous- They have matching tattoos and have done tons of body modifications but he thinks that getting gauges in their ears is too far. She disagrees and thinks it’s very attractive. The audience agreed with him- You can’t force someone to do something to their body that they don’t want- and she has to cancel the appointment.
Here's a picture of what gauges look like:

Augh. Big Jim filled Anna in that since he’s been sick, he’s been using a Neti Pot. Anna had never heard of one and certainly had no idea how it was used. Against her will, she agreed that she would try it… on the air. Video to follow.


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Billy Joel is starting up a new residency at Madison Square Garden. He's playing a show every month, starting on January 27th. He says it's going to keep going as long as people keep coming to watch. He held a press conference yesterday in New York to make the announcement.


Britney Spears was on "Ellen" yesterday and Ellen asked her if it was true that she used to play "Spin the Bottle" with her co-stars from "The Mickey Mouse Club". She said it was true, but she never kissed anyone except Justin Timberlake.

Triple Shot of Espresso
Big Jim says that you should know about these three stories before heading to work today…
1. Newtown to release 911 tapes from Sandy Hook shooting. More here.
2. Lawmakers are reviewing a law that would have CT have a pet abuse registry- More here.
3. Updates on the NY Metro North train crash.  Info here.