Daily Dish: Lamar Odom Goes Nuts... and More

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Leah Remini has reportedly left the church of Scientology. I am so intrigued with what happens in that church. Actually, I felt like Leah was the only normal celebrity that belonged to it- So the fact that she’s leaving convinces me all the crazy rumors are true. Reports say that she wrote a “Knowledge Report” to the church which had a ton of criticism about the leader and things went down hill from there. Here’s a list of rumors I’ve heard about Scientology: There is an underground metal tomb somewhere in the Palmdale desert that all of the Scientologists are going to hide when the Earth gets destroyed in about 20-40 years. That all the members go through a period of total brainwashing.
That if you anger one of the higher powers you are forced to wash floors with toothbrushes, dig ditches in the dark and live in solitude some place in Florida. Being a scientologist sounds terrible.
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Lamar Odom aka Mr. Khloe Kardashian went nuts yesterday on the paparazzi. Some tabloid had been reporting that he was cheating on Khloe and the paparazzi swarmed him at a stop light and began asking him about it. At first, he tried to reason with them saying “Put your cameras down, let’s talk about this man to man”- Clearly the photographers did not- So then he says “I would never cheat on my wife that’s why I wear my wedding ring”- Then he gets out the car, messes up the paparazzi’s car, and takes his filming equipment.
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Adam Sandler is out promoting Grown Ups 2 which comes out on Friday- He went on David Letterman and talked about a family trip to Africa where a cheetah jumped on his back. He showed a home clip of what happened. The people running the camp quickly got the cheetah off him- but whoa. It’s a crazy video. If you want to check it out, it’s online now at Star999.com. enter image description here