Mom of the Week: Son's Virginity Up For Grabs

Mom of the Week- Every week we crown the top three mom's in the world that have done something so ridiculous that they need to be highlighted.  Essentially, being a good mom is hard- Being a bad mom?... Not so hard. 

#3: A celebrity mom makes the list this week- and of course it’s Dina Lohan.  Lindsay is obviously still in rehab.  Originally Dina was supposed to be part of the treatment but then she allegedly drunk dialed the rehab center to talk to Lindsay right before her birthday- so staff realized she was drunk on the phone, wouldn’t let her talk to her and banned her from any further communication while she was in rehab.  Dina Lohan drunk dialed Lindsay in rehab. The whole story is here.  


#2: A 37 year-old California mom allegedly chained her 10-year-old sons ankles together and secured it with a padlock so that when she went to work he wouldn’t get in trouble.   She took the key with her. She left him games to play with and food.  He managed to hobble out of the house into the front yard and police came.  She said that she did it because she was having serious behavioral problems with him and didn’t want him running with the wrong crowd- Well, he certainly isn’t running anywhere with chains around his ankles. At least she had his best intentions.  Get the whole article here.


#1: A Philadelphia mother allegedly put a post up on Craigslist to help her 18-year-old son lose his virginity.  She’s worried that because he’s socially awkward he’ll never be cool BUT if he lost his virginity before he started Harvard in the Fall, then he has a better chance of being cool and having friends.  She says that he has very little body fat, that he’s fit and handsome.  He doesn’t know that she’s planning this though- She has a scheme- It involves them meeting by coincidence at a concert that she’ll buy the tickets to- Here’s the best part- You have to date him for a while, then break up with him because he’s going to college.  She will buy this lucky girl a car and be rewarded with cash. This is certainly the most ridiculous thing we've heard about.  All the wacky info here.