Daily Dish: What is Lady Gaga Doing?!... and More!

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Lady Gaga stripped naked for a Kickstarter art project for the Marina Abramovic Institute. Marina Abramovic is a performance artist that wants to open a place where they will be able to conduct research and host workshops that will help people heighten people’s awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment. This is how they do it- I’ll describe it to you- They make this noise that sounds like a bird dying- then they crouch down in the woods naked, at some point they crouch on a crystal, then they put rocks on their face- all while this terrible sound is behind them… Apparently Lady Gaga is really into this. She’s starts off in white gym socks and a white sweat suit then she has horns in a janitors jumpsuit then she’s totally nude bending over the woods- So there’s that.
This is the "censored" version. It's still weird.

The Internet went nuts yesterday when Beyonce started Instagramming pictures of her new hair. Gone are the 5 pounds of extensions- She now has a blonde pixie cut. It’s short and her hair colorist says it took four hours to get the right color which she describes as old Hollywood Marilyn Monroe blonde. Now of course, everyone is saying that it will be the biggest haircut since The Rachel from Friends.

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Tyra Banks is urging women and the constestants on America’s Top Model to not diet- to have a little mean on their rear ends because it’s healthier and looks better. She says that all women have cellulite and that’s why they have Photoshop. She says of course they re-touch pictures and make the girls gorgeous but that’s not what you should look like in real life.

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