Daily Dish: Justin Timberlake Punk'd- Kind of... and More!

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The 65th annual Emmys are on Sunday, CBS at 8pm. Neil Patrick Harris is hosting for a second time. Remember he did that awesome opening number at the Tony’s and there’s a ton of pressure to do something that awesome again.

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What do you do when your ex-fiance is making international news for twerking in teddy bear lingerie at the VMA’s? You make out publically with another celebrity. That’s exactly what Liam Hemsworth is doing with Mexican singer Eiza Gonzalez. They’re on a serious PDA tour- but he did tell Miley Cyrus that she could keep the $250,000 engagement ring that he got her as a symbol of their relationship. But don’t think Miley is all upset about Cher saying she had a gross body and bad hygiene- she’s releasing a documentary where she gets real honest about her career:

Justin Timberlake instagrammed a snippet from a new single he’s getting ready to release called TKO.

His new album the 20/20 Experience Part 2 comes out on the 30th. But what everyone is talking about is an interview he did with a Brazilian reporter who didn’t speak English very well- Watch him squirm!

Turns out she was faking it- She speaks perfect English. She’s a Brazilian comedian and basically punk’d him by making him feel uncomfortable by faking a thick accent that he couldn’t understand. Hilarious.