Big Jim and Anna Cliff Notes: Friday 1/10/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show this morning?  Here's what you missed... in Cliff Note form.  

Honda of Westport 7:40 Couple’s Court: Sibling Week

We wrapped up sibling week with Scott and Amy.  Scott called and accused Amy of being a bad parent because she gives her 12-year-old son ADHD medication.  Scott insists that ADHD is a fake disease and it’s her lack of parenting skills that are corrupt.  She needs to control him.  She says that doctors say he needs medication and she isn’t doing anything wrong.  Ultimately the audience agreed with Amy.  If the doctors are suggesting it, then the child needs it and Scott has no right to criticize his sister.



Triple Shot of Info Espresso

Three things Big Jim thinks you need to know about today.

  1. Chris Christie “Bridge” scandal continues.  More here.
  2. Unemployment rate climbs.  Details here.
  3. Running out of pot in Colorado.  High demand info here. 


Golden Globe Predictions – Play With Us!

We’ve made three predictions for the Golden Globes this Sunday night.  We’re going to live tweet the event on Twitter at @BigJimandAnna Tune in to see if we were right or not!  You can see all our predictions HERE.  We’re super excited for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host again!


Everybody Has the Flu

Which is why we had Dr. Julie Varughese from Norwalk Medical Group , Infectious Disease Specialist, to talk about the flu outbreak in Connecticut.  Hear her tips on how to prevent getting the flu and other info on our podcast page. 


Daily Dish  With Celebrity News:

Anne Hathaway almost drowned in Hawaii when a riptide pulled her underwater.  Luckily a nearby surfer heard her screams and saved her.  She did cut her foot badly and her husband *sucked (well, that’s what the media outlets are saying) the toe to stop it from bleeding.  (Really?) Of course paparazzi were on hand to document the whole event… Hmmm… Would have been nice if maybe THEY ACTUALLY HELPED. Check out all the pics HERE.


Justin Bieber is at it again.  Last night his neighbor called the police to report that he was egging his house.  The neighbor says that the Biebs threw about 20 eggs and caught him outside his house.  This isn’t the first time there’s been an altercation with this neighbor. Watch explicit video of the altercation HERE.  


Is Lindsay Lohan really difficult to work with?  All the sources say yes, and now Oprah does too.  She says she didn’t believe all the hype about how difficult she was but witnessed it herself.  She refused to film on production days,  fought with producers.  Her “sober coach” was asked about her sobriety during the recording and they said “Um. You know”… Which I assume means it was not good. More about Oprah's feelings towards Lindsay HERE.  


Three People Having a Worst Week Than You

Every Friday we count down three people that are having a worst week than you.  This week all Connecticut residents.

  1. A woman lies to police about being robbed in Shelton to get a ride home.  Full story here.
  2. A man backs his car into a gas station, crashes through, eats a banana, then leaves.  Nutty story here.
  3. A pool maintenance worker gets arrested in Norwalk for draining a pool into the street, which turned to ice and caused three accidents.  Full story here.  

It's Souper Friday!

Every Friday we will be joined in the studio by the Chowda Chairman, Jim Keenan, while he gets us ready for the big ChowdaFest happening Sunday, February 2nd at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport! Tons of chowda's, fun for the whole family, and a great way to kick off your "Soupa" Bowl Sunday!  All the info at   We also tried to see how many oyster crackers Anna could shove into her mouth without choking.  


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