Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Monday, 1/20/14

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Always remember.

If you missed the show today, here's what happened... in Cliff Notes form.  



Today we kicked off “Neighbor’s Week”- Kelly said her neighbor Shawn is obnoxious with the parking situation when he has a party.  His friends clog their small cul-de-sac with numerous cars and even park in and block her driveway! He says that he sends a letter to inform his neighbors that he’s having the parties and it’s public property- They can park wherever they’d like.  She wants them on a neighboring street.  The audience agreed with Shawn.  Kelly has to suck it up and keep quiet when he’s having his loud parties!





The 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were this past weekend- American Hustle won the top honors.  Cate Blanchett took home best actress for the Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine and Matthew McConaughey won best Lead Actor for Dallas Buyers Club.  His acceptance speech was one of the highlights of the night…



Dan Aykroyd did an interview on Friday and talked about how they're coming along on "Ghostbusters 3".  Apparently the script is done and it will be about bringing the next generation of Ghostbusters into the world- No word on whether Bill Murray will be part of it.




Juan Pablo Galavis from "The Bachelor" was asked last week how he'd feel if the creators tried a gay version of the show for a future season.  He claims that his limited knowledge of the English language is the reason why he called gay men “perverted” and not right for children to watch on television.  Of course, he issued an apology. 



Supposedly Justin Bieber’s people are pushing him to go to rehab but he’s resisting.  TMZ is reporting that when police raided his house last week to look for evidence of eggs from that whole “Bieber egged his neighbors house” saga- They spotted A LOT OF pot, codeine bottles, and tons of Styrofoam cups filled with remnants of sizzurp.  Sizzurp is Actavis prometh with codeine cough syrup -- known in the lean community as top of the line.  More HERE. 


Los Angeles Times is reporting that multiple sources are confirming that both Beyonce and Madonna will be performing at the Grammys on Sunday night.  It’s not too late to win your way into our Grammy party happening at Indigo on the Water in Milford this Sunday! We’ll have more tickets for you to win to that event all week long at 9am. 



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What happens when two cocky guys say that their wives “exaggerated” the pain of childbirth?  They get electrodes attached to their abdomen and get to feel the pain- while being videoed.  Enjoy ladies!






What top three stories does Big Jim think you should know about today?

  1. SIX more stores have had big security breaches like Target… all because of a 17-year-old hacker.  More here.
  2. Broncos and Seahawks head to Super Bowl XLVIII.  More here. 
  3. Obama says pot not as dangerous as alcohol.  More here.

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