Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Friday, 1/24/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with our Cliff Notes! That's the abbreviated version of what we covered today on the show! 



Brendan has caught his neighbor (and longtime friend) Ryan cross-dressing in his wife’s clothing when his wife is away on business trips.  He’s concerned that he might be a threat or some kind of freak.  He wants him to come clean to his wife about what he’s been doing.  Ryan wants him to mind his business and stay out of his life… and stop looking in his windows! Ultimately the audience decided that Ryan is right- It’s his business and he can do what he wants without being ridiculed. 





Every week we highlight three people that are having a worst week than you are.


1.  A husband in South Carolina is certainly having a worst week than you- His wife told him to bring home beer- When he showed up empty handed, she beat him with a ceramic squirrel.  Read the whole story here.  


2.  An urban farmer in Bridgeport is being forced to get rid of his donkeys, goats, pigs and all but six of his chickens as per the city.  Who’s having a worst week? This guy who is about to lose all his animals or the neighbors who live next door to a man that keeps all those animals in his home?  Full store here. 


3.  Fairfield Police arrested a 24-year-old scumbag who has been scamming Connecticut girls into thinking he owns a talent agency called “Gucci Top Modeling”- Those poor girls that fell for it are certainly having a worse week than you.  The whole story here.






Thank you Justin Bieber for giving me plenty of reasons to laugh yesterday.  Not that getting arrested for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest is funny- but the way the media is treating this story is amazing.  After a text from CNN yesterday about Iran and a nuclear deal, the next breaking news alert was that Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of DUI- And they weren’t the only news media that went nuts- MSNBC took it a step further and cut off a Congresswoman talking about NSA wiretapping to break the news.  Miami Police Chief confirmed that he admitted to drinking beer, smoking pot and taking prescription drugs.  Of course, the true Beliebers were there stalking him and watched it all go down… They were clearly very upset and Twitter  He was released on $2500 bail, and while he was leaving the jail he waved like a beauty queen- and his mug shot is ridiculous.  He looks so pretty.  We think he looks like our afternoon guy Begley- What do you think?







Grammys are this Sunday and we have some predictions!

In regards to the awards, we have taken two major categories, Record of the Year and Album of the Year, to analyze:


    • Get Lucky, Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers
    • Radioactive, Imagine Dragons
    • Royals, Lorde
    • Bruno Mars, Locked Out of Heaven
    • Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. & Pharrell



For Record of the Year, Big Jim says that Daft Punk should win and will.  Anna says she wants it to be Imagine Dragons, but it will go to Lorde. 

For Album of the Year, Jim says it should go to Kendrick Lamar but it will go to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Anna hopes Sara Bareilles will win, but agrees that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will win.


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All night we’ll be live tweeting and of course hanging out with our winners at our Grammy Party at Indigo on the Water in Milford- but we’ll be closely monitoring these three things:

  1. How many times will Biebers arrest be mentioned.  Over/Under is 10.  Big Jim says more than ten, Anna says less.
  2. Will there be a hologram used of a dead artist?  Jim says yes, Anna says no.
  3. Who will “blow up the Internet” with their choice outfit?  Anna says Beyonce, Big Jim says Rihanna. Both agree that it will because they will look stunning, not ridiculous.  (Jim does think that Rihanna will be very daring though)




Here are the three things Big Jim thinks you should know about today:


1.  Frozen karaoke is coming to theatres! All about it here.

2.  Metro North grinds to a halt.  The people were angry- Here’s why.

3. … and more BIEBER!







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