Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Tuesday, 2/11/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with the abbreviated version... Our Cliff Notes! 



Jessica is upset that her boyfriend Anthony has started smoking again- She says it's a gross habit and wants him to stop- He says that he enjoys it and it's his body.  Ultimately the audience decided that Anthony needs to try to stop the habit if he want Jessica to continue on with their relationshiop.  



WWE had Betty White as a special guest on "Monday Night Raw" last night.  And she might be 92, but she still came ready for a fight.



Samuel L. Jackson did an interview with the Los Angeles local news yesterday, and a reporter CONFUSED him with Laurence Fishburne.  And Samuel would NOT let it go. 





Winning a medal at the Olympics makes you do crazy things- Like Russia’s Olga Graf.  She unexpectantly won a bronze medial in women’s speed skating and she unzipped her skintight suit down to her waist- Only one problem- She didn’t realize that she didn’t have anything on underneath it.  She said that she hopes the video doesn’t end up on YouTube. Yeah, that didn't happen.  You can't see anything though.  Thankfully!



America had a pretty quiet day yesterday at the Olympics.  But Julia Mancuso picked up her fourth Olympic medal, a bronze in the women's super combined.  And her mom got REALLY loud when Julia finished. Full story here.


Johnny Quinn part of Team USA’s Bobsledding team is becoming an internet sensation- First over the weekend he became stuck in a Sochi bathroom- So he punch a huge hole through the door to get out and tweeted a pic of it.  Yesterday, it happened again- Well, kind of- this time he got stuck in an elevator.  They managed to get out of it after a while.


BAD NEWS TO HAPPY MUSIC- Bad news stinks... but when we tell it to you to happy music, it's not so bad anymore! 


A Stamford man went home and threatened his roommates with a 12-inch knife while screaming about the devil and demons.  He allegedly threw the knife down and held one of the roommates by the neck while he continued screaming about the evil spirits.  When Police arrived he claimed that he had no idea why they were there but then he tried to kneel down to start praying. Full story here.


A 40-year-old Bridgeport man was arrested after he allegedly committed a robbery that was filmed and posted to Facebook.  Police say that the victim punched the guy in the head, and then robbed him of his cash and liquor.  There were people who videoed the event then posted it on Facebook-  Police were able to get the video from Facebook and arrest the man.  More about this story here.


In the worst news of the day- A Copenhagen Zoo went ahead and shot and dismembered a healthy giraffe and fed the 18-month-old animals’ carcass to lions- in front of young children! Despite all kinds of petitions, an offer form another zoo to take the giraffe and a cash offer of $600,000 to buy the giraffe- they still went through with the execution.  "As this giraffe's genes are well represented in the breeding program and as there is no place for the giraffe in the zoo's giraffe herd, the European Breeding Program for Giraffes has agreed that Copenhagen Zoo euthanize the giraffe," said the statement from the zoo's scientific director, Bengt Holst. Full terrible story here.



Big Jim thinks these are the tree biggest stories of the day... and you should know about them!

1.  Kraft cheese gets rid of perservatives.

2.  Shirley Temple passes away.

3.  Bob Costas out of Olympic reporting because of gross pink eye.

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