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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Monday 2/24/14



CNN has pulled the plug on Piers Morgan Live after three years.  Piers Morgan replaced Larry King about three years ago in the 9pm time slot- and ratings have been just down big time.  No official date for the last show. 


Katy Perry was kissed on the mouth by none other than Miley Cyrus at a Bangerz concert over the weekend…


Good news if you’re an Anchorman movie fan- There’s a second version of Anchorman 2 that will be in theatres for only one week starting on Friday.  Here’s Will Ferrell talking about it- This version is rated R and is a lot more raunchy than the December version.  763 new jokes.


A group has come together called the “Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition”- They live in a wealthy suburb of Atlanta and their sole purpose is to stage a protest today to keep Justin Bieber out of their neighborhood.  They plan on having it at the location of the 11 million dollar home Bieber is looking to buy- They say they’ve worked hard to live in the quiet neighborhood and they don’t want “a kid” ruining their child friendly area.


Justin Timberlake was performing at a show and he noticed two girls in the second row were randomly flipping him the bird- So, being the classy guy he is, he responded… 




The Tampa Police Department have released a 911 call of a woman who is angry that a restaurant served her raw waffles and wanted her to pay for them.  This is just amazing:




He wants his girlfriend to move to Minnesota with him because of a job opportunity.  She has a good job as a nurse here in Connecticut and says that if he won’t propose, she shouldn’t go.  He says he’s not ready to get engaged and why rush that?  The audience agreed that she shouldn’t go if he doesn’t want to commit. 



The three stories that Big Jim thinks you’ll need today.  

1.  Netflix and Comcast reach a streaming agreement.

2.  Jason Collins is first openly gay professional athelete.  

3.  Sochi closing ceremony.


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