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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Thursday, 6/12/14

Miss any of The Big Jim and Anna Show today?  You can always catch up with our show with our Cliff Notes! The abbreviated verison of the show! 


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Barbara Walters was on "The Tonight Show" last night, and she told a story about how she went to see "Jersey Boys" and tried to get with Clint Eastwood.  Turns out he wasn’t into her.  At all. 



Lea Michele is dating again after the death of her ex Cory Monteith- But what’s raising eye brows is that the guy is an escort- Like the kind of guy that women hire to take them on dates.  The name of the company was Cowboys4Angels that he used to work for and charged $350 for one hour of his time, $6,000 for the weekend, and $17,500 for a whole week of his company. 





Big Jim thinks these are the three biggest stories of the day:

  1. World’s Most Expensive City
  2. Metro North Action Plan
  3. World Cup Kicks Off Today



$5,000 TO DATE YOUR EX?!

Big Jim and Anna discussed that is rolling out a new plan that gives you the option to date your ex… kind of.  They will find people that look like your ex for a huge fee- Would you want to date your ex?! All about it here.




A waitress at a Waffle House in North Carolina got a $1,000 tip from a customer on Mother's Day but the restaurant refunded it because they thought they would get stuck with the bill if it was challenged by the credit card company- Turns out she got the money anyway though! 





Valerie called in and said her live-in boyfriend Gino won’t tell his roommate it’s time to leave- He argues that he was there first, it helps them financially, and it’s awkward to kick someone out of their own home!



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