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Big Jim and Anna Show Cliff Notes: Tuesday, 6/24/14

Miss any of the Big JIm and Anna Show today? You can catch up with our Cliff Notes! The abbreviated version of the show!




Adam Levine went on "Letterman" last night and talked about how Maroon 5 got their name.  It's a story he never tells . . . the whole band is sworn to silence.  Kara’s Flowers was the bands original name.



Lana Del Rey took some heat from Frances Bean Cobain on Sunday, because she said in a recent interview that she wished she was already dead.  Frances didn't like that because she thought Lana was trying to glorify the early deaths of people like Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. 



KRISTEN STEWART is reportedly threatening to SUE JOAN RIVERS for joking about her affair with a director in her new book. 


Jill Duggar is married! I’m fascinated by the Duggars- Jill is the second daughter to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar- Now Dad, Jim Bob met Derrick Dillard while he was doing humanitarian work in Nepal and basically set them up- They courted each other and were married this past weekend in front of 1000 people- All in about five months.  They’ve never kissed- or touched before they were married.





A Marine in San Francisco bought a house in January, right before he was deployed to Okinawa.  It was totally rundown, but he had no time to fix it up.  So his friend went around, collected money and did $70,000 of renovations on it before he returned.






1. $250 Hangover Relief 

2. Internet Word Confusion

3.  Lies to Get Out of Seeing Dentist






All this week at 8:30a we have tickets to see Bruno Mars! How do you win them?  You have to guess which Star 99.9 song Anna’s five-year-old daughter is singing!


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