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“Pumped Up Kicks” is the song that made the band, Foster the People, extremely successful and well-known. Without that one song, Foster the People, might have never been signed to a record deal, or it would have been a long time before we ever heard of them. Pumped Up Kicks was released in 2010, and it is a really great song- very catchy, original lyrics, and nice vocals, but it was the content that had a lot of people raising their eyebrows. 


It’s about school shootings. Something that America knows too well about, sadly. Mark Foster said he wrote the song because of that point exactly: “whether we like it or not, it is a part of our culture”. I think having such a beautifully sounding song contrasting with such deep, dark content is what drew listeners to Foster the People. They’re more than just a good tune, they actually want to say things with their music.


Mark Foster is the founding member of the band. He actually was a struggling musician in Los Angeles, writing jingles for commercials and waiting tables before recording “Pumped Up Kicks”. Whenever Mark formed a band, it would fall apart. Until he teamed up with friend, Cubbie Fink, and drummer Mark Pontius, a film student. 


Safe to say the band is doing very well. They released their 2nd album this past June and are touring at summer festivals around the country. Their 2nd album is getting very good reviews. It’s called Supermodel.


If you’ve never heard “Pumped Up Kicks”, you should listen to it now: 

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