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If it wasn’t for modern social media, Karmin may have never risen to the  level of fame they have today. In 2011 the music duo uploaded a cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” and it gained attention over night. The video was re-posted on various blogs, including Ryan Seacrest’s, and views surpassed a million. The video now has more than 91 million views. 


Karmin is actually made up of a couple: Amy Heridermann and Nick Louis. They met when they were both students at Boston’s prestigious music school, Berklee College of Music. They worked on school projects with each other and hit it off. Amy is the main singer and rapper, and Nick knows many different instruments including piano, and trombone. The combination of both their talents is what makes their music so unique. They can go from a hip hop sound to an acoustic sound to soul in just one song. You can tell that they are just very good musicians, in general, which differs from  a lot of pop stars of today. 


“Brokenhearted” is the song that reached the most mainstream success . It was in the top 20 on the Billboard Charts in the U.S. and top 10 in New Zealand and the U.K. The song was released in 2012 off their first EP, Hello. That same year, Amy won first place in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “Women Who Rock” issue. 


The pair are now engaged, but no wedding date is set. They have obviously been more occupied with planning their career than a wedding. They went on tour twice already just this year and released a new album, Pulses, in March. 


You should definitely watch the video that made them famous. It’s pretty incredible to see Amy rap.

Look At Me Now:




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