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It only took one song for the band Of Monsters and Men to gain international success. And they reached that level of fame in basically less than 2 years after they formed, which is pretty amazing. 


Of Monsters and Men is a 5 member band from Iceland. In 2010 they won Iceland’s Battle of the Bands, which led them to perform at an Iceland music festival. It was after that festival that radio stations in the U.S. started playing their well-know song “Little Talks”. It was immediately a popular song, and became number one in their home country Iceland. 


They started playing at different concerts and festivals all over the U.S. in the summer of 2012 and continued touring until 2013. They have played at huge festivals like Coachella in California, Boston Calling, Bonnaroo in Tennessee, and Lollapalooza in Brazil. Everyone just really enjoyed the unique sound of the band. Their sound is a mix of many different instruments: drums, guitar and horns, and a lot of singers-both male and female. 


Other songs besides  Little Talks have become popular too. They had one featured in the Steve Carell movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and even contributed a song to the soundtrack for Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


They have only released one EP, one album and one live album. They are now working on their next album, no release date set yet. 


Not only is the sound of their music amazing, but they also have really cool lyrics. They strive to tell a story with every song they record and thats evident by listening to Little Talks. The music video is like a mini movie- very fun. Watch it:

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