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Florence Welch’s voice is unbelievably unique. It is definitely one of the most memorable voices in the music industry. Some even say it can be overpowering, but that’s what is so amazing about Florence and the Machine’s music: it catches your attention no matter what.


The band describes themselves as “indie rock” and they originate from England. The machine in their name comes from the other member of the group- keyboardist, producer, and songwriter-Isabella “Machine” Summers. Their 2009, debut album Lungs, made it to number two in the UK only 5 weeks after its release, which is pretty remarkable. It then was number 1 there in 2010 for about 2 weeks. Lungs did well in the U.S. too, making it to number 2 on the Alternative charts, and number 14 on the Billboard 200. 


The two songs that are the most popular from that album are “You’ve Got the Love” and “Dog Days Are Over”. They performed Dog Days at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and this gave them fame over night. The album Lungs went up almost 30 spots to number 14 on the Billboard Chart after that one performance. 

In 2011, Ceremonials came out. This was their 2nd album and it was very well received. Six singles were released off of that one. “Shake It Out” being the most well-known one. 

You could say they are almost like an entire work of art. Their music videos are very cool too. A lot of art direction and elaborate costumes and sets. They try to please their fans on a visual and auditory level. 


Florence and the Machine just keeps making hit music that people like. They are a very versatile band, and I think they have a really great future ahead of them. They are working on their next album now. So much so that Florence Welch said “she feels like she’s being hiding in the studio 24 hours a day working”. 

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