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He’s one of the most successful and longest running electronic music DJ's in the world, yet you probably have never heard of him. You might have heard his recognizable song, “Hello”, though. It was very popular during the summer of 2011 and was used in a lot of media- a Tim Horton’s commercial, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, and the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. It is a very fun, upbeat song. The kind that gets stuck in your head all day long- just think of the chorus now- “…I just came to say hello!”. 


Even though Martin didn’t reach mainstream success until “Hello”, he has actually been a very popular DJ since 1994. He grew up in France and got into music early on by being in a children’s choir. He always played around with making music as a hobby and he just kept getting better and better at it. It became more than just “a fun thing to do”. As soon as he turned 18, he started DJing in clubs around Paris.


Martin has just climbed his way up through the electronic dance music (EDM) world and has been a huge presence in the club scene. Luckily, EDM is becoming a very popular type of music around the world and in the general public, so Martin is now enjoying a renewed and different kind of success. He was the main producer on Madonna’s MDNA album and was the house DJ for the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.


If you have never seen the music video for “Hello”, you should watch it. It’s a parody of the French Open and Martin competes against other famous Dj’s in tennis. 

Driven by Key Hyundai

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