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Any band that experiments with “space rock” is sure to have a very unique sound. Muse is definitely in a league of their own. Their live shows are a blend of visual and audio sensations, making them more than just music, they’re kind of like an experience. I was lucky enough to see them play at Lollapalooza a couple years ago, and it is up there as one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. 


Muse has been around since 1994. They are an english rock band comprised of childhood friends. They formed a bunch of different school bands throughout their time in grade school and just leaned music that way- just by practicing and playing constantly. After school they played around London and started to grow a local fan base. This got them the attention of music production companies and they started recording albums. They’ve released 6 albums and have gone on numerous tours. They also play at a lot of different festivals around the world. 


The great  thing about Muse is that they are constantly thinking about their sound and reinventing it. They are known to implement different instruments into their songs and this has made a lot of their albums different from one another. They’re working on a new album for 2015 and lead singer Matthew Bellamy says it’s going to be getting “back to their rock and roll” sound. I hope these guys are around for awhile. The music industry just keeps reinventing itself and I know Muse is going to be right there with it, giving us new and fresh music as they keep playing. 


Driven by Key Hyundai

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