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Adam Levine Runs Out Of Gas. See! "Celebs, They're Just Like Us"
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Poor Adam Levine.


While cruising around Hollywood's Sunset Strip with his super model wife in his Mercedes the other night, he ran out of gas. Of course TMZ was right there to document every second. Right up until Adam's friend arrived with some gas to help get him out of there.


Every time something like this happens to a well known celebrity we hear that same cheesy line, "Celebs, they're just like us!" But this is different. While this seems like something that happens to all of us, it has shockingly never happened to me. Ever. Seriously, I have never once completely run out of gas in my car. I've seen that light come on more than a few times, but never to the point that I couldn't drive anymore. 


So you now what this means?! That's right, I finally have a one up on Adam Levine! The one thing in life I am better at than him. Keeping gas in my car.  You may have the hot super model, fancy Mercedes, and good looks Adam, but I have a full tank of gas. 


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