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Apple Honors Robin Williams With Tribute Page

You know someone has impacted the world in a huge way when one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, honors them on the homepage of their website. They have only done this two other times before. Once for Nelson Mandela and for Rosa Parks. Read more...

Nico & Vinz Put Out 4-Minute Mini-Documentary That Is A Must-Watch

I love everything about this. It really is amazing how quickly an artist can go from unknowns like Nico & Vinz were earlier this year, to having one of the biggest songs in the world. Read more...

Adam Levine Runs Out Of Gas. See! "Celebs, They're Just Like Us"

Poor Adam Levine. While cruising around Hollywood's Sunset Strip with his super model wife in his Mercedes the other night, he ran out of gas. Of course TMZ was right there to document every second right up until Adam's friend arrived with some gas to help him out. Read more...

Mr. President Gets "Fancy", Sings Iggy Azalea

Okay... obviously Barack didn't actually sing Iggy's big hit "Fancy". Pretty sure the secret service would have put the brakes on that before he even got to the first verse. But this is as close to the real thing as we're going to get. Thanks, Internet. Read more...

Here's The Cities Where Women Are Making More Money Than Men. Can You Guess Where In CT Made The List?!

It's 2014. Which means that men and women are becoming more and more equal in terms of earning power in the workplace. Men still reign supreme in most places, but there are a few cities. where that is starting to change. Read more...

Tonight Is Your Last Chance To Watch THESE Movies On Netflix

It's no secret that as awesome as Netflix is they do have to clear space every once in a while in their library to keep things going smoothly and not interfere with your House of Cards marathon. To do this Netflix eliminates a list of movies every few months. Here are all the titles that will no longer be available starting July 1. Read more...