Why Fairfield County LOVES Fairfield County

Anyone who lives or has spent time in Fairfield County, has an opinion about Fairfield County. Some people hate it, some people love it. That's just the way it is. 


CT BOOM has put together a list of reasons why people in Fairfield County "love" Fairfield County. 


Here are my two favorites: 


4) Finding seafood that doesn’t cost as much as your car lease.

Yeah baby, damn right this lobster roll was only $8.95. Who cares that I scarfed it down in two bites and accidentally ate the tin foil? For the love of god people, if you have found a solid, cheap seafood place, treasure it. Love it like it was your own dear, dear child. Except you can put liquid butter on it.


 photo source: (c) iStockphoto/Thinkstock

12)    Having a Shake Shack. And a Five Guys. And Super Duper Weenie.

Let L.A. brag all they want about In N’ Out Burger. All three of these places could take L.A.’s fast food jewel out to lunch. Hell yeah that double entendre was on purpose. I mean Super Duper Weenie is called Super Duper Weenie. The only name more fitting for the place might be “My Sad and Beautiful Childhood.”



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