Luckiest Guy Ever Wins $1M Thanks To A Fortune Cookie

Yet another story I will be chalking up to "Things That Never Happen To Me. Ever." A man in Massachusetts recently cashed in on A TON of money thanks to a random fortune cookie! 

Just like all of us do many times a year, while having dinner with his wife last week, William Johnson cracked open his fortune cookie and read his fortune, “You will soon come into a lot of gold.”  He took this as a sign, and the very next day went to the store and purchased a $10 Massachusetts Millionaire Mania scratch-off ticket. When he got around to scratching the ticket a few days later (who waits that long by the way? I start scratching right in my drivers seat, if not right at the counter), he found he’d won a million dollars!  Are you kidding me?! Just insanity.

Johnson selected the cash option and received a one-time lump sum of $650,000 before taxes. It's safe to say that fortune cookie was right on. Maybe even a bit on the under side actually, as that seems much more than "a lot of gold". 

photo credit: Massachusetts Lottery

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