Dave Matthews Hitches A Ride With A Fan To His Own Show

It's not everyday you are en route to see your favorite band and end up having to give the singer of the band a ride to THIER OWN show. Well that's exactly what happened to Emily Kaus and her boyfriend when they saw a stranded Dave Matthews on the side of a Pennsylvania road. 


Emily and her boyfriend were running late to the Dave Matthews Band show in Hersey, PA. When they came across a man stranded on the side of the road with a bike. Turns out, it was actually Dave himself. He had gone for a pre-show bike ride (who does that? Dave I guess) and did not have a cell phone with him. The couple just happened to have a bike rack on their car. So they pulled over picked up Dave and acted as his pesudo tour bus to his own show. 


Dave was so thankful, that he invited the couple backstage for dinner and gave them front row seats. He also told the entire story on stage during the show. 


Emily said it all felt like a dream, but then she woke up the next day and said "OK, yeah, that really happened yesterday, It was surreal, we couldn't believe it."



source: CNN