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Here's The Cities Where Women Are Making More Money Than Men. Can You Guess Where In CT Made The List?!
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It's 2014. Which means that men and women are becoming more and more equal in terms of earning power in the workplace. Men still reign supreme in most places, but there are a few cities. where that is starting to change.


The Census Bureau reveals there are a number of American cities where women out-earn men. And by "a number of cities" they mean 16 cities. Each with a population of 150,000 or less.


No one can really explain why this is happening in these specific cities. But look who made the list?! BRIDGEPORT! 

One possible reason is that men in these particular cities are underemployed or may have stopped looking for work altogether. were who compiled the list of 16 cities and how much women outpace men in terms of wages:


1. Jacksonville, North Carolina, 27.12 percent more.
2. Indio, California, 14.64 percent more.
3. Inglewood, California, 13.96 percent more.
4. Mount Vernon, New York, 12.22 percent more.
5. Pharr, Texas, 11.51 percent more.
6. Richmond, California, 9.89 percent more.
7. Miami Gardens, Florida, 9.71 percent more.
8. Union City, New Jersey, 7.80 percent more.
9. Whittier, California, 6.52 percent more.
10. Hesperia, California, 5.88 percent more.
11. Silver Spring, Maryland, 5.85 percent more.
12. Vallejo, California, 4.63 percent more.
13. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2.38 percent more.
14. Missoula, Montana, 1.71 percent more.
15.Syracuse, New York, 0.57 percent more.
16. Bridgeport, Connecticut, 0.09 percent more.


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