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Megan Stone is a master of puns, tripping over inanimate objects, and spotting dogs from miles away.  She is also a life-long listener of Star 99.9 and officially joined the team in 2016.  Before that, she co-hosted a morning show in the Berkshires after graduating from Emerson College with a Masters in Journalism in 2012.  Megan grew up in Killingworth and is so happy to work closer to home so she can visit her family and nieces whenever she wants.

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NBC's "America's Got Talent" Season 11 Finale Live Show - Arrivals

Simon Cowell Finally Got His Wish: A REAL Singing Dog!

Simon Cowell has seen it all.  He’s witnessed the rise of new superstars and the fall of countless others.  But, he’s never seen a singing dog… until now. Meet Oscar.  He’s a 3-year-old Golden Retriever who does know how to sing, and took his talents to America’s Got Talent!  He even hits a beautiful falsetto…Continue Reading

2016 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Halsey Says Stop Using Old Photos of Her to Spread Rumors

Halsey is NOT on the rebound after splitting with her partner of 1-year, G-Eazy. Last week, the media began circulating rumors that Halsey was hooking up with Machine Gun Kelly. The story gained traction and soon rumors began flying that H was on the rebound.  But, even after the two came out saying that they’re…Continue Reading

Banana skin on floor

Bananas Facing Possible Extinction

If you love bananas, I have bad news for you.  As in… frightfully bad. The world’s favorite fruit could go extinct if nothing can be done to stop a powerful fungus that’s ravaging and destroying thousands of banana trees.  Yes, this is basically history repeating itself all over again. The same fungus that killed off…Continue Reading

29th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Los Angeles - Arrivals

Britney Spears Reveals Which Fast Food Chain She Can’t Resist

Everyone has their favorite fast food place… even Britney Spears! Sure, she’s in excellent shape and we love it when she gifts us with a fashion show on Insta, but even she lets herself have cheat days.  And when she cheats, she goes big! While chatting with Entertainment Tonight about her upcoming Piece of Me…Continue Reading

Cat and dog, side by side

People Are Getting Plastic Surgery… for Their Pets?!

Man, some people really do have too much money!  A new plastic surgery trend is out there to restore a male dog’s “confidence.” It’s called the “neuticle,” where fixed dogs will receive surgically implanted prosthetic testicles.  Not surprising anyone, Kim Kardashian got neuticles for her boxer.  But what’s surprising is that over 500,000 other pet…Continue Reading

smiling girls lying on pool raft

This New ‘Boob-Friendly’ Pool Float Will Be Your New Best Friend

Nothing’s worse than trying to get comfortable on a pool float while evening out the tan on your back.  Especially if you have big boobs and don’t enjoy suffocating.  Well, those days are finally over thanks to a new “boob friendly” pool float! Yes, this float has literal “cup holders” for your boobs.  Get it?…Continue Reading

uranus planet. including elements furnished by NASA.

Are We Really Alone in the Universe?

Personally, I believe humans aren’t alone in the universe because it’s infinite.  Kinda conceited to think we’re really alone when we barely even explored 1 percent of it… But, some scientists truly believe that Earth IS the exception when it comes to human life. Scientists at Oxford University say alien life is impossible by citing…Continue Reading

Age and job search

New Research Says You Should Only Work Full Time After You’re 40!

Heck yeah, I like this study!  So, Stanford University researches believe our work life is all sorts of messed up and desperately needs change. The director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, psychologist Laura Carstensen, says we arranged our lives wrong.  Since people are living longer, retiring at 65 just doesn’t work anymore.  Especially since…Continue Reading

"Ocean's 8" UK Premiere - Arrivals

Rihanna Opens First Fenty Beauty Store Tomorrow in NYC!

There’s a reason everyone goes crazy over Rihanna’s beauty line, Fenty.  But, you could only get your hands on it online or in retail stores… until now. Riri will open her first Fenty Beauty store starting tomorrow, but the pop up stores will only last for three days to celebrate her new “Moroccan Spice” line.  …Continue Reading