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They’ve already been nominated for a Grammy Award, had a number one album in the U.K., and gone on a global tour, but you still probably don’t know who they are. Disclosure is an electronic music duo from England, and its actually made up of two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence. 


They grew up in a musical household. Their parents are both musicians, so there was numerous instruments lying around at all times. They would often play together and they were able to learn a lot about music. They credit their parents for leading them to a music career. And even though Disclosure makes electronic music, it still has a bunch of instrumentals in it, which is very different than the rest of  the electronic music out there. They strive to create a synthesis of different sounds because they are influenced by a lot of different genres: electronic, 90’s pop, and soul. 


The one song getting all the attention right now is Latch. It features vocals by Sam Smith, the guy who sings “Stay With Me” and is everyone’s favorite new artist, it seems like, right now. I really like “Latch” because it does sound different than the rest of the electronic music world. And Sam Smith is just always amazing in anything he sings. 


Cool music video too for the song:


Driven by Key Hyundai

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