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Florida Georgia Line is still getting used to their success and fame. It was only 5 years ago, that they were just a couple of college guys singing at local bars in Nashville. People noticed the country duo and they started gaining attention in the local music scene. If there is any place to get noticed, it’s Nashville, Tennessee. The guys were quickly sought after to record music and they released their first EP in 2010.


Two years later, they released their first album, Here’s to the Good Times. The leading single off that album is “Cruise”, which has become their biggest hit to date. Billboard called it the number one country single of 2013 and a remixed version of the song with rapper Nelly did extremely well all across the nation, making it number four on the Top 200 Billboard Chart. They certainly mastered the whole “mainstream crossover” thing pretty well. I think it’s got a lot to do with the type of country music they produce. A mix of country, rock and roll, and hip-hop makes their sound a more  modern twist on traditional country music. 


They haven’t released a 2nd album yet, but they did release a deluxe version of their first album which has new songs on it. “This is How We Roll” is their newest single and they just did a remix of it with R & B singer Jason Derulo. It’s very similar to “Cruise” and it’s super catchy. If you like Cruise then you’ll definitely like “This is How We Roll”.


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