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Jack Antonoff did not have any time to start an entirely new band and record a debut album. He was on tour with his other band, Grammy Award winning group FUN. So in between the tour, doing press, and having a little bit of social life, he formed Bleachers and started to develop that sound. He had to keep all his writings and recordings a secret for a year before finally revealing the truth, which led him to feel like he had an “alter ego”. But Jack knew he had to do it. Something inside of him "compelled him" to create Bleachers and it certainly has been a huge pay off. 


The band is comprised of Jack, and two other musicians, John Hill, and Vince Clarke, both of whom have been performing with famous artists for awhile. It’s a little unbelievable that the group only has three members, because it sounds like more when you listen to their music. 


 Bleachers released their song “I Wanna Get Better” this past February , and their new album July 15th. There is something for everyone in the song, “I Wanna Get Better”. It’s upbeat, but serious; catchy, but not too annoyingly persistent. I have heard it everywhere since the beginning of summer. In stores, on rock radio stations, on pop radio stations, or being blasted out of someone’s car. 


The most endearing thing about the song is that it is a very personal one for Jack Antonoff. He really believes that at the end of the day, human beings just want to strive to “make things better”. Jack has also persisted he is not leaving FUN, and bleachers is just his fun side project. Whether Jack is making music for FUN, or Bleachers, I’m excited to hear whatever he comes out with next. 


Driven by Key Hyundai

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