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Selfie-Shamed Sorority Responds in Classy Way
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What's worse: being obsessed with taking selfies or being obsessed with somebody else's habit of taking selfies!? Both are questionable but I think the latter is a little easier to swallow.

That's why I was so impressed with the response from this sorority that made headlines last week for taking selfies throughout an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

If you missed the video, refresh yourself here:


I understand both sides of the story here. I do like to take selfies (especially at such a fun place!), but I also know that overdoing it on the selfie taking makes you look a little braindead. Overall, isn't watching someone take selfies kinda obsessive and creepy?

Also, that must've been one uneventful baseball game if the camera and sports commentators were focused on them for a couple minutes.

Aside from my own opinion, people did get upset that the girls became a viral joke, so they were offered free tickets to another Dbacks game.

The sorority decided to keep it classy in their response and posted this:



Alpha Chi Omega at Arizona State University would like to thank the Arizona Diamondbacks and Fox Sports for reaching out...

Posted by Alpha Chi Omega at ASU on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Well played, ladies!

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