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Justin Timberlake is Your Next....
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Oscars host!? Maybe!

There are rumors floating around that Justin Timberlake is vying hard for the Academy Awards hosting job in 2016. He wants it to be his big "comeback" performance after stepping away from the spotlight for dad duties. I think this is a great idea. Think about it. Justin Timberlake is funny (he's been on Saturday Night Live a lot), he can sing, he can act, he can dance, etc. He can pretty much do everything.

Also, not a bad idea to look at Justin Timberlake for 2 and half hours. Maybe I won't fall asleep before the end of it this time!

To further prove Justin should get this job, let's revisit some of his best TV moments:


The AMAZING 2013 Grammy's:





Funny SNL skit "VeganVille"



If he does host the Oscars, Jimmy Fallon has to make an appearance. They are so funny together




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