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People Are OUTRAGED over New 'Power Rangers' Suits
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What is going on with the Power Rangers movie?

I grew up OBSESSED with the TV show.  Trini was my absolute favorite!  I mean, she's the reason why my favorite color is yellow (no lie!)

So when I found out there was a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie in the works... I really wasn't that excited.  Actually, I was filled with dread.  I mean, look what Hollywood did to Jem!

And, now, my fears may have been validated with the first glimpse of the new power suits.  What is it with Hollywood and being "edgy?"

Fans who grew up on the series are voicing their concerns, saying the new suits look like Iron Man ripoffs.  Some are calling the costumes sexist because the women's suits have high heels and noticeable chest enhancements.

Production designer Andrew Menzies says the suits are alien-made and grow on the heroes.  That information also didn't fly with fans.

But what do you think?  Are these costumes an improvement over the originals or is it time for Hollywood to leave our childhoods alone?

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