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Is It Really Illegal to Share Your Netflix Password?
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Is this really the end to 'Netflix and chill?'


Good news!  It is not a federal crime to share your password with your significant other or family members.  Josephine Wolff, a professor specializing in computer science, told Slate that supposed law is really confusing to courts.

She goes on to write that there is still much "ambiguity and uncertainty there still is around the CFAA even though it was passed 30 years ago."  Mainly, this act was passed to prosecute illegal hacking, but courts tend to side that sharing passwords should be discouraged.  But, "the implications of the decision are probably not as clear-cut (or as dramatic) as “all password sharing is illegal all the time.”"

Also, that court ruling was apparently about a man who used the credentials of two Korn/Ferry employees to access information - and then shared that information with others.  Nothing in that particular case comes even close to Netflix, not does it even mention it.

Basically, you're allowed to share your passwords as long as the person is acting in YOUR best interests. Here's a link to Orin Kerr's piece furthering this sentiment.

So, can we please stop freaking out now?


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