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Why Calvin Harris' Twitter Rant Doesn't Earn Him Any Respect
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Remember "If you can't say anything nice...

...Don't say ANYTHING at all."  It's the Internet!  Everything you say on it can and WILL be used against you.

Yesterday, Calvin Harris went on a Twitter rant and ushered in the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty meltdown. 

He was reacting to Taylor's team confirming that she did write the melody for "This Is What You Came for.".  He went OFF, tweeting hat Taylor is bored and needs someone to bury, like Katy Perry.  To which, Katy excitedly got on the hate train by tweeting a Hillary Clinton reaction pic.

But, I need to ask, who does that?  Who goes on a PUBLIC FORUM and tries to demolish another person's image? 

We all had a super messy breakup.  How did you react when the dust was settling?  Cryptic Facebook posts?  Outright dragging? 

Or, did you keep it to yourself because you didn't want people all up in your private buisness?

Calvin, obviously, wants the word to know how angry he is.   In my opinion, I see that he's hurting - he's emotional and needs to channel his frustration (to which I recommend taking a page from his ex's book and write a song.  Or two.  Laugh your way to the bank...)

So, he's seeking comfort from strangers on the Internet, because that's always reliable, and is causing a huge storm in our media-hungry society that salivates at the idea of wrecking Taylor Swift's image.  That in itself blows my mind that we are so driven to "expose" her for who she really is. 

Is she perfect?  No.  She's human just like us.  But she does a lot of good in her career. She's habitually named the most charitble celebrity with her philanthropy, she doesn't have public meltdowns for the world to see on tabloids, she doesn't expose herself in racy selfies, she's not into the Hollywood drug scene nor is she seen publicly intoxicated/under the influence, and she writes lyrics that any age group can happily sing along and relate to.  We need more celebrities like Taylor Swift, in my opinion.

In closing, this entire ordeal is a huge trainwreck and, honestly, Calvin basically shot his career in the foot.

By the way, he also pulled the same stunt when he broke up with Rita Ora - even legally banning her from performing the songs they created together.  Mature.

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