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Selena Gomez Puts Justin Bieber in His Place. Internet Goes Crazy
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Forget Taylor and Kim THIS is where the tea and lemonade is being served...


Over the weekend, Justin Bieber threatened to make his Instagram private if his "fans" continued to harass his new girlfriend, Sophia Richie.  The news didn't sit well with many fans, maybe because Sophia is 17 while Justin is 22... or over fears that Sophia is using Justin to make a name for herself and get out from under her sisiter, Nicole's, shadow.

Either way, Selena Gomez felt she needed to remind Justin of one important thing: he'd be nothing without his fans and, perhaps, he should talk to them with a little more respect.

That, and, it's the Internet.  Things happen.

She edited the last line to read "They love and supported you before anyone ever did." 

However, Justin didn't take her advice to heart and instead threw some serious shade at her.

Wait.  What?  Selena USED Justin?  Not too sure about that since Selena Gomez was pretty much a household name thanks to her Disney days and singing career... but whatever.

Selena obviously felt like the gloves were off and ushered in the new hashtag #SelenaEndedJustinParty with the comment heard around the world wide web.



Okay, even I am reaching for the popcorn.  So far, Justin has NOT responded. 

On the other hand, the Internet is going WILD.  Is this the end for Justin?







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