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You Can Find Santa's Home on Zillow
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Credit: lisegagne / Vetta / Getty Images

One thing's for sure, his home is nothing like anything we've ever seen.


Home values are creeping up, which means Santa's hideaway in the North Pole has also gone up in price.  Thing is, no one really knows how much it costs!  It's not like Santa instagrams himself around the house like your average celebrity.

Actually, he's a pretty private person come to think of it.

Good thing we have Zillow.  It looks like they were invited on a special tour of Santa's super secret property!  Turns out his house sits on 25 acres and is, precisely, 2,500 sq. feet.  They also found out the log cabin-styled home was built in1822 and was recently remodeled in 2013. 

So, how much does Santa's casa cost? $656,957 or $3,228 a month to rent. 

Be sure to check out the pictures on Zillow!  Santa's home looks super cozy :)

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