The World Is Running out of Bacon!

You might want to stock up on your favorite breakfast item.

Bacon reserves have hit an all-time low.  Yes, there is such a thing as a bacon reserve.  It sounds like a lovely place.

Anyway, America is experiencing a bacon shortage that hasn't been this bad since 1954. Reserves fell from last year's 53.4 million pounds to 17.8 million pounds.

The problem is foreign buyers, surpisingly.  26% of all bacon supplies are exported to other countries. 

Obviously, bacon lovers like myself are squealing in terror.  I can't imagine a world without bacon.  I just can't!  However, The Department of Agriculture says there's no need to panic.  Pig farmers are producing more pigs than ever, so the supply won't run out.

Either way, if you want bacon, you gotta cough up some serious dough.  Bummer.