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Science Says Cat Owners Are UGLIER Than Dog Owners??
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As a loving cat-mom to my 6-year-old gray tiger, Phoebe, I feel so attacked right now. 

Even though it's not really science, it's more like a poll, you know the psychologists are rubbing their hands over this.  1,000 people responded to the question put out by an online dating site that ranked pet owners.

Over 60% said dog owners are more attractive and had the most appeal while 18% voted for us cat people.  Yeah, we came behind RABBIT OWNERS. They got almost 20% of the vote.

Are you kidding me? 

Anyways, if you're looking to boost your love life: get a pet.  Any pet.  It totally boosts your reputation in the eyes of your prospective date because it tells them that you're "not selfish" because raising a pet takes a lot of committment.   It also, apparently, sends singles the message that you're ready for something long-term.

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