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More Single Guys Are Buying Cats for This AWESOME Reason
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Credit: Thomas Northcut / DigitalVision / Getty Images

Guys, if you wanna catch a girl, get a cat.

No, I'm serious.  I even have science backing me up here! 

More guys are starting to favor cats over man's best friend because, as it turns out, it attracts the ladies on dating sites.  Or, you know, just in general.

It also can be attributed to mega-hot male celebrities like Ian Somerhalder and Liam Hemsworth posting with their own little warm balls of fur.    So, if any single guy who is ready to leave the lonely single life behind happens upon the comments section (comprised of mostly women aww'ing over the cat AND the aforementioned hot celeb) chances are they want the same attention.

So, cat owners are on the rise and it is GREAT. 

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