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You'll Wanna Toss The Splenda After Reading This
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And here we thought pure sugar was the enemy.  The cuplrit most likely to make us fat.  Turns out, sugar has been our friend all along.

So, if you turn to artificial sweetners as a healthy additive to your coffee or oatmeal, I have bad news for you.  Artificial sweeteners prompts your body to make MORE fat.  EureakaAlert! got their hands on a brand new study that found that you are more likely to gain wait if you use artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, and Sweet n Low.

Ugh.  I love my Equal.

A medical professor from George Washington University says we kinda need to switch to the real stuff.  Or honey.  Because:

"Many health-conscious individuals like to consume low-calorie sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. However, there is increasing scientific evidence that these sweeteners promote metabolic dysfunction."

Metabolic dysfunction???  Yeah, apparently it can crash the system.  But how?


"We believe that low-calorie sweeteners promote additional fat formation by allowing more glucose to enter the cells, and promotes inflammation, which may be more detrimental in obese individuals."

Sorry, guys.  If you wanna have a healthier alternative to the sweet stuff, reach for the honey.  Plus, besides being absolutely delicious, eating honey supports bees!  And bees need our help.  And so does our metabolisms, apparently. Boo!!

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