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The Internet Is So Very Divided over Who'd Win This Fight
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If Hello Kitty, Garfield, and Pusheen got in a fight... who'd emerge victorious?

Leave it to the animation industry to pose the real questions.  An illustrator named Anoosha Syed took to Twitter with a very important question: who is the best cat?

Obviously, Pusheen won that poll quite handily.  BUT, then Syed asked the real question: between Pusheen, Garfield, and Hello Kitty, who'd win in a fight?

And then things got weird.  The poll resulted in a three way tie.  And then, the discourse began...







Personally, my bet's on Hello Kitty.   Garfield would volunteer Odie as tribute, who'd befriend Pusheen.  Both would be utterly annihilated by HK, no question.

Agree?  Which fictional cat has your vote?

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