American Idol Taps Katy Perry as First Judge!

The bar has been set. The first celebrity to join the American Idol judge's table is no one other than Katy Perry herself!

ABC is serious about their AI reboot, and considering that ABC is owned by Disney... you can only imagine the strings that are getting pulled to make this reboot the best ever.  Think about it, the magic of Disney AND Katy Perry... this show is gonna be supreme!

I mean, you saw what she did for the Super Bowl halftime show.  Imagine her on national TV every week!

Katy is super duper excited about this, too.   Here's her official statement she told Cosmo:

“I am honored and thrilled to be the first judge bringing back the American Idol tradition of making dreams come true for incredible talents with authentic personalities and real stories. I’m always listening to new music, and love discovering diamonds in the rough — from mentoring young artists on my label, or highlighting new artists on my tours, I want to bring it back to the music.”