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Kim Kardashian Deletes Controversial Manchester Tribute
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The Internet is pretty divided over whether or not Kim Kardashian did anything wrong.

Okay, back up to a couple of days ago where a lunatic bombed Ariana Grande's concert, killing 22 and injuring countless others.  Ariana is no doubtedly broken and in hysterics over the unneccesary loss of life.

Harry Styles is equally upset, considering he was born and raised in Manchester. He made an emotional tribute to his home during a recent concert in Mexico.

But, everyone is hyper-focused on Kim Kardashian because her tribute was not like the rest.  She used a photo of her and Ariana partying it up, which triggered an onslaught of criticism that inevitably forced her to delete her Tweet.



 But, a few people find that her tribute wasn't enough.  Sure, Miley Cyrus posted a photo of her and Ariana, but maybe it was all in the caption?  Who knows.   Here's a comparison:



And here's what the Internet says about why Kim was in the wrong.  Who do you agree with?






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