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Katy Perry Is Streaming Herself 24/7
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If you ever wanted to know what it's like for a day in the life of Katy Perry, this is your chance.  She's streamed herself all weekend long and is STILL GOING!

She basically mounted cameras in every room of her new home and nonstop live-streamed her life on YouTube.  So, if you wanted to know what she wears when she takes her dog out to do its business, your questions have finally been answered.

Several celebrities dropped by for this huge promotional event, too.  Yeah, she didn't do this on a whim, guys.  She totally had a legit reason.  And that reason is to, apprently, promote her new album, Witness.   Cameras will roll until 7pm today (EST) before her 4pm concert in Los Angeles.

Anyways, the celebrities who dropped by were James Corden, America Ferrera, RuPaul, Sia, Gordon Ramsey, and so much more.

If you wanna watch what Katy is up to right now... here's the feed:



 Also, here's some highlights of what happened over the weekend.








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