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Naughty Penguin Gets Shamed for Stealing Fish
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Although I doubt Timmy learned his lesson, he was still made an example of.

The National Aquarium of New Zealand has a fun little way to tell guests something extra about their most prized attraction.  It's a board that announces the naughtiest and nicest penguin of the month.



And, unfortunately for Timmy, he was ranked the naughtiest penguin of all.  His crime?  He won't stop stealing fish and knocking over his friends.  I know, what a punk!

But, the aquarium loves him anyway, saying;

"We love Timmy, however he's a regular offender of stealing fish and pushing other penguins out the way while flicking up sand in the process!"

Meanwhile, the good penguin of the month is little Betty.  She patiently waits for her fish and is, surprisingly, a real good swimmer!

Congrats, Betty!  And, Timmy, work on yourself.



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