Sad News! Britney Spears WON'T Play The Next Super Bowl Halftime Show

Dreams... shattered.  Looks like the Queen of Pop won't Work the Super Bowl stage this year.

New York Daily News fueled yesterday's Circus of rumors by all but confirming that her team is in talks for her to take over  2018's Super Bowl Halftime show in Minnesota.  However, those rumors proved were broken like Shattered Glass.

Justin Toman, Pepsi’s Senior Director of Sports Marketing, dispelled the Crazy story at a VenuesNow conference yesterday when he was asked about them.  He said, "“I can tell you it’s not Britney. That rumor happens at this time every year."

Yep.  Everytime this happens.  People pick something up on their Radar and start Anticipating a major announcement.  Kinda Criminal if you ask me.  Especially since Katy Perry all but confirmed her Super Bowl show around this time a few years ago.

My Only Wish is to see Brit-Brit on the stage again.  Because you know it will be spectacular and Outrageous.

She last performed in 2001 with an array of talent, including Aerosmith, N*SYNC, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly.

So, do you think she'll ever be Lucky enough to preform a solo Super Bowl halftime show?  I hope it happens Someday...