Idina Menzel BLOWN AWAY By 11-Year-Old Boy Singing "Let It Go"

Queen Elsa would be very proud of 11-year-old Luke Chacko!

During Idina Menzel's concerts, she typically invites kids up to the stage to sing "Let It Go" with her.  When a boy in the audience raised his hand, she was more than happy to invite him up while telling the audience how rare it is for boys to show interest in the song.

She even went on to tell Luke that some boys have admitted they didn't know the song.  So, when she asked to check if he knew the song, he fired back, “‘Let It Go’ obviously… What kind of question is that?”

Idina went on to explain that some boys even asked to sing "Can't Stop the Feeling" from Trolls instead.

Luke retorted, "Heck to the no.  I'm offended!"  And then he BELTED out the song, dazzling the audience and Idina, who stopped him and asked him to sing again!

Uh... next stop is Ellen, right?  Check out this kid... he's INSANE.  Skip to 3:55 to catch his introduction and dazzling performance.