Taylor Swift Rumored to Drop New Album THIS WEEK

Everyone stay calm!  Taylor Swift might be releasing new music very soon!

Everyone freaked out yesterday when, after a total social media scrub, Taylor Swift posted a very cryptic video... of a snake.  What?  Well, during her fallout with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, her haters called her a snake.  So, she could be taking ownership of the insult.

 And then, this morning, she posted another strange snake video!



I know the only way to kill a joke is to beat it to death, so I bet Taylor is adopting a similar strategy to her latest moniker.  If people are going to call her a snake... fine.  Watch her be a snake.  And love it.

I mean, she playfully joked at at being called a serial dater in her song "Blank Space."   She masterfully creates her own image.  No one else can define her.  And if someone tries, she puts her own spin on it.

Also, the fact that she deleted EVERYTHING from her social media accounts tells me she's ready to wipe the slate clean and start over with a brave new album.

Anyways, Us Weekly says they have exclusive information that this is all a way to hype up the release of her new album, which will apparently drop this Friday.  They say “multiple sources” have backed up this claim.

It certainly would explain the sudden opening of Tay-Tay's new website, Timeless.com Lyric website, Genius, claims that's the name of a Swift song... so, we'll just have to wait and see!