Here's How You Can Win Free Pizza Hut for LIFE

Connecticut may be the capital of pizza perfection, but I do love me some stuffed crust pizza.

No, seriously, if Pepe's or Sally's came out with a stuffed crust pizza, I'd be eating there every day.

Anyways, Pizza Hut is giving us the chance to win free pies for life.  All you have to do is play their little guessing game.   They recently set up and toppled over a world record number of dominoes - you just have to tell them how many it took for them to do it.

You have until the 31st to get your name in the hat.  Be sure you sign up for their loyalty program, that's the only way you can get yourself entered.

Then, email your guess to - if you're the first person to guess right, you win!  They'll credit 312,000 rewards points to your Hut Rewards account, essentially giving you free pies until the end of time.  Basically, if you love Pizza Hut as much as I do, that amount of points will let you buy their pizza every other week for the next 60 years.

Good luck!